• Using a tanning lotion will speed up the tanning process.
  • Using a tanning lotion will produce darker results.
  • Maintaining healthy skin is an important ingredient in keeping your tan longer. Your skin naturally exfoliates dead skin cells every 30 days. However, dry dead skin is exfoliated sooner, and results in the fading of your tan. Using a lotion while tanning which includes vitamins, oils and essentials will keep your skin soft and healthy and extend your tan for 2-6 days after each visit.

We carry Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty & Designer Skin products.

There are 4 basic types of lotions:

  • Accelerators or Maximizers - These are products that provide the necessary ingredients for melanin production and are most effective when applied right before UV exposure.
  • Bronzers (level 1-10) - There are two types of bronzers. Immediate Bronzers are botanical extract additives that accelerate the tanning process by producing an instant bronzed color to the skin and enhancing an already established tan. Color will last 24 - 48 hours. Dihydraxyacetone (DHA) Bronzers reacts with amino acids in the skin to provide suntanned appearance.
  • Body Blush - These products are the same as accelerators but also increase micro circulation. The micro circulation appears as a red flushing that occurs due to the increase of blood flow to the skin and will temporarily color the skin. These products achieve the same dark results as a tingle with no warming effect.
  • Tingle - These products increase micro circulation and impart a warm "tingling" effect. The micro circulation appears as a red flushing that occurs due to the increase of blood flow to the skin and will temporarily color the skin.

Ask one of our Certified Tanning Consultants which lotion is best for you.


CONSUMER ALERT--Indoor Tanning Products 

Only Buy Indoor Tanning Lotions From Professional Tanning Salons!

--is when professional indoor tanning lotions... intended for sale in businesses that offer indoor tanning... end up on discount websites, flea markets or non-tanning outlets.  The bad thing is you may not be getting what you pay for....

Consumers may not be getting the indoor tanning products that they think they are when they purchase them through unauthorized outlets like discount websites, local flea markets or non-tanning outlets. Outdated, discontinued, damaged and tampered-with products are often the products that are diverted into these outlets.  

REMEMBER: Professional tanning products should be recommended by a qualified indoor tanning specialist to insure proper use.  Indoor tanning products have unique ingredients that should be used only as directed to ensure the finest tan possible.

Techno Tans is a member of the National Tanning Training Institute which offers education and certification to the more than 160,000 Indoor Tanning and Sunless professionals across the United States through training, testing, continuing education, and a public-awareness educational program.

Every employee at Techno Tans is a Certified Tanning Consultant (CTC). We strive to provide excellent customer service as well as knowledge about indoor tanning and to assist you with finding the best combination of tanning and lotions to suit your needs. We are also available at any time to answer questions you may have regarding indoor or sunless tanning.


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